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Scientific Report of the 2002 CMS Winter Meeting
December 8-10, 2002
Ottawa Marriott Hotel

Daniel Daigle, Meeting Director

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics of the University of Ottawa hosted the 2002 Winter Meeting of the Canadian Mathematical Society, on December 8-10, at the Ottawa Marriott Hotel. The event attracted 362 participants.

The meeting included four plenary lectures, two prize lectures and a public lecture, in addition to 217 talks given in twelve symposia and a session of contributed papers.

Plenary speakers, prize and public lecturers:

James Arthur (Toronto)
Rene Carmona (Princeton)
Victor Guillemin (MIT)
Lisa Jeffrey (Toronto) - CMS Coxeter-James Lecture
David Kerr (Tokyo and Rome) - CMS Doctoral Prize
Robert Zuccherato (Entrust) - Public Lecture
Maciej Zworski (Berkeley)
Symposia and organizers:
Financial Mathematics (Luis Seco, Toronto)
Finite Elements (Roger Pierre, Laval)
History of Mathematics (Richard O'Lander and Ronald Sklar, St. Johns University N.Y.)
Lie Algebras and Moonshine (Abdellah Sebbar and Erhard Neher, Ottawa)
Mathematical Education: Visualization, Technology and Inquiry in Mathematics Education in Canada. (Thomas Steinke, OCCDSB)
Number Theory (Damien Roy, Ottawa and Kenneth Williams, Carleton)
Operator Algebras (Thierry Giordano and David Handelman, Ottawa)
Partial Differential Equations (Victor Ivrii, Toronto and John Toth, McGill)
"Real-World" Problems in Search of Solutions (André Dabrowski, Ottawa)
Representation Theory of Real and p-adic Groups (Jason Levy and Monica Nevins, Ottawa)
Symplectic Geometry (Lisa Jeffrey and Eckard Meinrenken, Toronto)
Theory and Applications of Point Processes (Gail Ivanoff and David McDonald, Ottawa)
Contributed Papers (Walter Burgess and Abdellah Sebbar, Ottawa)
The meeting committee consisted of Monique Bouchard (CMS), Walter Burgess (Ottawa), André Dabrowski (Ottawa), Daniel Daigle (Ottawa), Abdellah Sebbar (Ottawa), Graham Wright (CMS) and all session organizers.

The meeting was funded by the National Program Committee, the Canadian Mathematical Society, the University of Ottawa, the Faculty of Science of the University of Ottawa and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics of the University of Ottawa.


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