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  Public Lecture

Moshe Milevsky (Schulich School of Business, York University)

"The Mathematics of Silly Investment Strategies, or How to Win the Globe and Mail's Stock Picking Contest"

  Plenary Speakers

CSHPM Plenary Speaker

Len Berggren (Simon Fraser University)

CMS Plenary Speakers

Keith Devlin (Stanford University)
Dan Freed (University of Texas at Austin)
Robert McCann (University of Toronto)
Andrei Okounkov (Princeton University)
Gilles Pisier (Université Paris 6, Texas A&M University)
Ken Ribet (University of California at Berkeley)

  Prizes and Awards

CMS Krieger-Nelson Lecture Barbara Lee Keyfitz (Fields Institute, University of Houston)
CMS Jeffery-Williams Lecture Edward Bierstone and Pierre Milman (University of Toronto)
CMS Excellence in Teaching Award Philip Loewen (University of British Columbia)


By invitation of the Meeting Committee, there will be sessions in the following areas.

Automatic Sequences and Related Topics
Org: Jean-Paul Allouche (Orsay, France) and Jeffrey Shallit (Waterloo)

Boris Adamczewski (CNRS-Inst. Girard Desargues, Lyon, France), Jean-Paul Allouche (CNRS, Orsay, France), Jason Bell (Michigan), Valerie Berthe (LIRMM, Montpellier, France), James Currie (Winnipeg), Anna Frid (Sobolev Inst., Novosibirsk, Russia), Kiran Kedlaya (MIT), Dalia Krieger (Waterloo), Xavier Le Breton (LRI, France), Brendan Lucier (Waterloo), Mortez Mohammad-Noori (Iran), Narad Rampersad (Waterloo), Michel Rigo (Liege, Belgium), Kalle Saari (Turku, Finland; Waterloo).

Combinatorics and Geometry
Org: Ian Goulden (Waterloo)

François Bergeron (UQAM), Nantel Bergeron (York), Graham Denham (Western), John Irving (Wilfrid Laurier), David Jackson (Waterloo), Joel Kamnitzer (Berkeley), Allen Knutson (Berkeley), Kevin Purbhoo (UBC), Konstanze Rietsch (King's College, London; Waterloo), Mike Roth (Queen's), Misha Shapiro (Michigan State), Greg Smith (Queen's), Hugh Thomas (UNB), Ravi Vakil (Stanford), Alexander Yong (Berkeley).

Complex Variables
Org: Thomas Bloom (Toronto) and Paul Gauthier (Montréal)

Gautam Bharali (Michigan), Len Bos (Calgary), Alexander Brudnyi (Calgary), Dan Burns (Michigan), Joe Callaghan (Toronto), Fred Chapman (Waterloo), Dan Coman (Syracuse), Bruce Gilligan (Regina), Nihat Gogus (Syracuse), Ian Graham (Toronto), Daniel Jupiter (Texas A&M), Finnur Larusson (Western), Eugene Poletsky (Syracuse), Rasul Shafikov (Western), Zbigniew Slodkowski (Illinois).

Discrete and Computational Geometry
Org: Leroy J. Dickey (Waterloo) and Asia Ivic Weiss (York)

Leah Berman (Ursinus College, USA), Ted Bisztricky (Calgary), Jürgen Bokowski (Darmstadt, Germany), Robert Dawson (St. Mary's), Lee Dickey (Waterloo), Bob Erdahl (Queen's), Wendy Finbow-Singh (Acadia), Chris Fisher (Regina), Isabel Hubard (York), Lily Moshe (York), Tomaz Pisanski (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Dorette Pronk (Dalhousie), Franco Saliola (Cornell), Egon Schulte (Northeastern), Tara Taylor (Dalhousie), Asia Ivic Weiss (York), Walter Whiteley (York), Gordon Williams (Moravian College, USA).

Dynamical Systems
Org: Sue Ann Campbell (Waterloo), Yuming Chen (Wilfrid Laurier) and Huaiping Zhu (York)

Julien Arino (McMaster), Chris Bauch (Guelph), Elena Braverman (Calgary), Monica Cojocaru (Guelph), Adela Comanici (Houston), Freddy Dumortier (Limburgs Universitair Centrum, Belgium), Martin Golubitsky (Houston), Herb Kunze (Guelph), Bill Langford (Guelph), Victor G. LeBlanc (Ottawa), Michael Y. Li (Alberta), Liping Liu (Texas-Pan American), Pierre Magal (Le Havre, France), Connell McCluskey (McMaster), James Muldowney (Alberta), Chunhua Ou (York), Christiane Rousseau (Montréal), Lin Wang (McMaster), Gail Wolkowicz (McMaster), Weiguang Yao (Western), Pei Yu (Western), Yuan Yuan (Memorial).

Exploratory Classroom Problems in Calculus
Org: Peter Taylor (Queen's)

The session will be run less formally this year, rather than a sequence of programmed speakers, in a more interactive, discussion-oriented way. Problems will be presented and discussed and perhaps revised, related to other work, etc. An article in the November 04 CMS Notes (page 12) sets the theme for the session. The main thrust is expected to be towards the large-lecture service courses. Our objective is to affirm the creative and "human" element in the course. Problems should be beautiful, powerful and sophisticated (as are we as humans!). In some ways such problems will therefore be somewhat beyond the technical and conceptual capability of the student and thus they represent a real stretch. Most importantly they must be discussion oriented. We want students to put forward conjectures, to try things out, to share insights with a partner or with the class as a whole. And at the end of the class, or the week, though they won't have, and perhaps never will, fully come to grips with the problem, they might well have glimpsed eternity. At the same time, of course, there will be technical skills to be mastered­- concepts and techniques must go hand in hand. The sessions will run on Saturday June 4th from 10:15 AM to 12:15 PM and again from 4:00 to 5:30 PM, and will be chaired by Peter Taylor. Participants and spectators are invited. Those interested in contributing a problem, or making a short presentation (5-10 minutes), should contact Peter Taylor at

Serge D'Alessio and Ian VanderBurgh (Waterloo), Richard Hoshino (Dalhousie), Ved Madan (St. Mary's University College), Peter Taylor (Queens).

Functional Equations and Their Applications
Org: Janos Aczel and Che-Tat Ng (Waterloo)

Janos Aczel (Waterloo), John Baker (Waterloo), Walter Benz (Hamburg, Germany), Tom Davison (McMaster), Jean-Claude Falmagne (California-Irvine), Pal Fischer (Guelph), Konrad Heuvers (Michigan Technological), Duncan Luce (California-Irvine), Tony Marley (McGill; Victoria), Che Tat Ng (Waterloo), Problems & Remarks, Thomas Riedel (Louisville), Dilian Yang (Waterloo).

General Topology and Its Applications
Org: A. Karassev (Nipissing), M. Tuncali (Nipissing), E.D. Tymchatyn (Saskatoon) and V. Valov (Nipissing)

Taras Banakh (Nipissing; Ivan Franko, Lviv, Ukraine), Nikolay Brodskiy (Tennessee-Knoxville), Maxim Burke (PEI), Robert Cauty (Paris VI, France), Douglas Childers (Alabama-Birmingham), Dale Daniel (Texas-Lamar), Dikran Dikranjan (Udine, Italy), Xabier Dominguez (Coruña, Spain), Jerzy Dydak (Tennessee-Knoxville), Vitali Fedorchuk (Moscow State, Russia), Gary Gruenhage (Auburn, Alabama), Valentin Gutev (Natal, South Africa), Kazuhiro Kawamura (Tsukuba, Japan), Krystyna Kuperberg (Auburn, Alabama), John C. Mayer (Alabama-Birmingham), Chris Mouron (Rhodes College, Tennessee), Lex Oversteegen (Alabama-Birmingham), Brian Raines (Baylor, Texas), Juris Steprans (York), Paul Szeptycki (York).

Geometric Topology
Org: Hans Boden (McMaster), B. Doug Park (Waterloo) and Mainak Poddar (Waterloo)

Tara Brendle (Cornell), Olivier Collin (UQAM), Marianty Ionel (McMaster), Ernesto Lupercio (CINVESTAV-Inst. Politecnico Nacional, Mexico), Joseph Masters (SUNY-Buffalo), Brendan Owens (Cornell), Stephan Tillmann (UQAM), Stefano Vidussi (Kansas State), Mei-Lin Yau (Michigan State).

History and Philosophy of Mathematics
Org: Duncan Melville (St. Lawrence)

A CSHPM Session.

Francine Abeles (Kean), Amy Ackerberg-Hastings (Maryland U. College), Tom Archibald (Simon Fraser), David Bellhouse (Western Ontario), Robert Bradley (Adelphi), Ed Cohen, Antonella Cupillari (Penn. State-Erie), David DeVidi (Waterloo), Thomas Drucker (Wisconsin-Whitewater), Craig Fraser (Toronto), Roger Godard (Royal Military College), Hardy Grant, Alexander Jones (Toronto), Miriam Lipshutz-Yevick, Amirouche Moktefi (IRIST, Strasbourg; LHPS,Nancy, France), David Orenstein (Toronto), Ed Sandifer (Western Connecticut State), Jonathan Seldin (Lethbridge), Joel Silverberg (Roger Williams), Jim Tattersall (Providence College), Robert Thomas (Manitoba), Cameron Zwarich (Waterloo).

History of Mathematics from Medieval Islam to Renaissance Europe
Org: Rob Bradley (Adelphi) and Glen van Brummelen (Bennington College)

A CSHPM Session.

Christopher Baltus (New York-Oswego), Lawrence A. D'Antonio (Ramapo College), Jozsef Hadarits (Royal Ontario Museum), Odile Kouteynikoff (Paris VII-Denis Diderot, France), Federica La Nave (Harvard; Dibner Institute), Glen van Brummelen (Bennington College).

Invariant Theory and Differential Geometry
Org: Ray McLenaghan (Waterloo) and Roman Smirnov (Dalhousie)

Stephen Anco (Brock), Ian Anderson (Utah), Claudia Chanu (Turin, Italy), Alan Coley (Dalhousie), Robin Deeley (Victoria), Luca Degiovanni (Turin, Italy), Michael Eastwood (Adelaide), Ryad Ghanam (Pittsburgh), Sigbjorn Hervik (Dalhousie), Joshua Horwood (Cambridge), Niky Kamran (McGill), Irina Kogan (North Carolina), Willard Miller Jr. (Minnesota), Robert Milson (Dalhousie), Anatoly Nikitin (Inst. of Mathematics, Kiev), Peter Olver (Minnesota), Dennis The (McGill), Thomas Wolf (Brock), Ismet Yurdusen (CRM).

L-Functions and Algebraic Curves
Org: Yu-Ru Liu, David McKinnon and Michael Rubinstein (Waterloo)

Amir Akbary (Lethbridge), Imin Chen (Simon Fraser), Alina Cojocaru (Princeton), Brian Conrey (AIM), John Friedlander (Toronto), Alex Ghitza (McGill), Steve Gonek (Rochester), Harald Helfgott (CRM), Ernst Kani (Queen's), Shinya Koyama (Ochanomizu, Japan), Jung-Jo Lee (Queen's), Adam Logan (Liverpool, UK), Greg Martin (UBC), Kumar Murty (Toronto), Doug Ulmer (Arizona).

Mathematical Aspects of Quantum Information
Org: Daniel Gottesman (Perimeter Inst.), Achim Kempf (Waterloo), David Kribs (Guelph) and Michele Mosca (Waterloo; Perimeter Inst.)

Andris Ambainis (Waterloo), Arvid Bessen (Columbia), Hilary Carteret (Montréal), Andrew Childs (Caltech), J. Ignacio Cirac (Max Planck Inst. for Quantum Optics, Garching, Germany), Richard Cleve (Waterloo), Patrick Hayden (McGill), Mark Hillery (CUNY), Peter Høyer (Calgary), Louis Kauffman (Illinois-Chicago), Christopher King (Northeastern), Greg Kuperberg (UC Davis), Maia Lesosky (Guelph), Debbie Leung (Caltech), Robert Martin (Waterloo), Ashwin Nayak (Perimeter Inst., Waterloo), Jonathan Oppenheim (Cambridge), Carlos Perez (Waterloo), Martin Roetteler (NEC; Princeton), Mary Beth Ruskai (Tufts), Andreas Winter (Bristol).

Mathematics from Ancient to Modern Times
Org: Richard O'Lander and Ronald Sklar (St. John's)

Robert Barone (Buffalo State), Robert Dawson (SMU), James Guyker (Buffalo State), Sanford Segal (Rochester), George Styan (McGill), Robert Thomas (Manitoba).

Mathematics of Actuarial Finance
Org: Tom Salisbury (York; Fields)

Erhan Bayraktar (Michigan), Phelim Boyle (Waterloo), José Garrido (Concordia), Sebastian Jaimungal (Toronto), Alexander Melnikov (Alberta), Kristin Moore (Michigan), Manuel Morales (York), David Promislow (York), Ken Seng Tan (Waterloo), Steven Vanduffel (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium), Jian Wang (Waterloo), Virginia Young (Michigan).

Mathematics of Computer Algebra and Analysis
Org: Keith Geddes, Mark Giesbrecht, George Labahn and Arne Storjohann (Waterloo)

Jacques Carette (McMaster), Fred Chapman (Waterloo), Jürgen Gerhard (Maplesoft Inc), Pascal Giorgi (ENS Lyon, France), Ilias Kotsireas (Wilfrid Laurier), John May (North Carolina State), Marc Moreno Maza (Western Ontario), Thomas Wolf (Brock), Yang Zhang (Brandon).

Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations
Org: Walter Craig (McMaster), Robert McCann (Toronto) and Catherine Sulem (Toronto)

Andrei Biryuk (McMaster), Marina Chugunova (McMaster), Galia Dafni (Concordia), Philippe Guyenne (McMaster), Slim Ibrahim (McMaster), Reinhard Illner (Victoria), Robert Jerrard (Toronto), Niky Kamran (McGill), Jose Alberto Montero (McMaster), Vladislav Panferov (McMaster), Fridolin Ting (Lakehead), Agnes Tourin (McMaster), Maxim Trokhimtchouk (California - Berkeley).

Operator Algebras, Operator Spaces and Harmonic Analysis
Org: Ken Davidson and Brian Forrest (Waterloo)

Monica Ilie (Lakehead), Eberhard Kaniuth (Paderborn, Germany), David Kribs (Guelph), Anthony Lau (Alberta), Laurent Marcoux (Waterloo), Paul Muhly (Iowa), Matthias Neufang (Carleton), David Pitts (Nebraska), Zhong-Jin Ruan (Illinois), Volker Runde (Alberta), Roger Smith (TAMU), Nicolaas Spronk (Waterloo).

Random Graphs and Their Applications
Org: Anthony Bonato (Wilfrid Laurier), Penny Haxell (Waterloo) and Nicholas Wormald (Waterloo)

Tom Bohman (Carnegie Mellon), Josh Cooper (New York-Courant Inst.), Kevin Costello (UCSD), Abraham Flaxman (Carnegie Mellon), Alan Frieze (Carnegie Mellon), David Galvin (IAS Princeton), Shlomo Hoory (UBC), Jeannette Janssen (Dalhousie), Jeong Han Kim (Microsoft), Michael Molloy (Toronto), Pawel Pralat (Waterloo), Robert Robinson (Georgia), Joel Spencer (New York-Courant Inst.), Benjamin Sudakov (Princeton), Jacques Verstraete (Waterloo).

Representation Theory
Org: Wentang Kuo (Waterloo)

Gerald Cliff (Alberta), Clifton Cunningham (Calgary), Julia Gordon (Toronto), Kyu-Kwan Lee (Toronto), Paul Mezo (Carleton), Fiona Murnaghan (Toronto), Monica Nevins (Ottawa), Wulf Rossmann (Ottawa), Loren Spice (Michigan-Ann Arbor), Fernando Szechtman (Regina), Chian-Jen Wang (Minnesota), Wai Ling Yee (Alberta), Jiu-Kang Yu (Purdue), Kaiming Zhao (Wilfrid Laurier).

String Theory and Integrable Systems
Org: Lisa Jeffrey (Toronto), Boris Khesin (Toronto) and Rob Myers (Perimeter Inst.)

Yuly Billig (Carleton), Freddy Cachazo (IAS), Emanuel Diaconescu (Rutgers), Jacques Distler (Texas - Austin), Dmitri Korotkin (Concordia), Shahn Majid (London, UK), Gerard Misiolek (Notre Dame, Indiana), Andrew Neitzke (Harvard), Ronen Plesser (Duke), Matsuo Sato (Rochester), Michael Shapiro (Michigan State), Jacek Szmigielski (Saskatchewan), Kirill Vaninsky (Michigan State).

  Contributed Papers Session

Org: Peter Hoffman (Waterloo)

Contributed papers of 20 minutes duration are invited.

Abstracts for contributed papers should be prepared as specified below. For an abstract to be eligible, the abstract, the contributor's registration form, and payment of fees have to be received before April 10, 2005. To assist the organizers, please include the Primary AMS Classification ( and specify your wish to participate in the contributed papers session.

There will be a maximum of 20 papers in this session.

Kathie Cameron (Wilfrid Laurier), Cristian Enache (Laval), Joshua MacArthur (Dalhousie), Marni Mishna (Fields Institute), Marco Pollanen (Trent), Christian Roettger (Iowa State), Nahid Sultana (Kobe, Japan), Grant Woods (Manitoba), Jin Yue (Dalhousie), Qiji Zhu (Western Michigan).


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