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Education 2)  New Approaches, New Technologies

EFIM A. GALPERIN, Departement de mathematiques, Universite du Quebec a Montreal Montreal, Quebec  H3C 3P8
Web-aided spreadsheet education: the myth and realities

This survey is based on the author's new book ``Chess, computers and education'', NP Research Publ., December 1999. The CAD-CAM-CAT-WAT comparisons are presented as seen from student's and teacher's viewpoints. Psychological issues related to classroom versus website teaching are discussed. The student and teacher time frames in a web-aided spreadsheet education are investigated in detail. Structural and software provisions are proposed to facilitate development of website education.

JACK MACKI, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta
Reforming the first two years of engineering mathematics

At the University of Alberta we have been experimenting with our first two years of mathematics for engineering students. We have eliminated several standard topics, and we introduce some topics earlier than in traditional courses. We have modernized our labs, basing many of them on Maple. We have tried, with only modest success to get mathematicians to stop building walls around courses based on preconceived notions of, e.g., what a course in linear algebra should contain.

BILL RALPH, Department of Mathematics, Brock University St. Catharines, Ontario  L2S 3A1
Mathematics meets multimedia-the journey through calculus software

``Journey Through Calculus'' is cutting edge educational software that I created to give students a brand new way to visualize calculus and learn it interactively. In this talk, I'll show you how JTC has revolutionized my classroom teaching and how students are using it in labs and at home. You'll get to see JTC's amazing 3D animations and some of its hundreds of interactive programs like ``The Greedy Landlord'' and ``The Sliding Fireman''. To show you that JTC doesn't leave out any of the hard details, I'll walk you through a completely interactive proof of the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. Finally, we'll look at the extensive testing and feedback that is available to students in JTC.

BILL RALPH AND JANET PIPER, Brock and Nelson Thomson Learning
JTC (Journey through calculus) workshop

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