MPE2013 Activities at CMS

CMS MPE2013 Lecture Series

Mathematics has many things to tell us about the world around us; not only about where we are, but whence we came and where we are going. The range of topics is immense, going from the long term evolution of climate to the split-second behaviour of financial markets. As part of an international celebration of the Mathematics of Planet Earth during the year 2013, the Canadian Mathematical Society, in collaboration with the Atlantic Association for the Advancement of Research in the Mathematical Sciences (AARMS), the Centre de Recherches Mathématiques (CRM), the Fields Institute and the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS), is proud to sponsor a cross-Canada series of lectures during the year, given by some of the most eminent experts in the various fields touched upon by this wide theme. More details

Special MPE 2013 Sessions at the 2012 CMS Winter Meeting in Montreal

This meeting will celebrate the Canadian launch of Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013 (MPE2013). More details

Cegep MPE2013 Activities at the 2012 CMS Winter Meeting in Montreal

Earth is a planet with dynamic processes in the mantle, oceans and atmosphere creating climate, causing natural disasters, and influencing fundamental aspects of life and life-supporting systems. In addition to these natural processes, humans have developed systems of great complexity, including economic and financial systems; the world-wide web; frameworks for resource management, transportation and health-care delivery; and sophisticated social organizations. Human activity has increased to the point where it influences the global climate, impacts the ability of the planet to feed itself and threatens the stability of these systems. Issues such as climate change, sustainability, man-made disasters, control of diseases and epidemics, management of resources, and global integration have come to the fore. More details