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Student Committee


Promote the engagement of post-secondary mathematics students with the Canadian mathematics community and especially with the CMS.


Develop and manage a CMS post-secondary mathematics University Student Program (USP) that contains such elements as:

  1. Disseminating information within the student community through multiple means, such as e-mail lists, an accessible website, a newsletter, etc.

  2. Overseeing and, as required, staging student-related activities, particularly at the CMS meeting. These activities may include poster sessions, panel discussions, seminars, workshops, awards, socials, and employment-related initiatives;

  3. Overseeing the administration of annual conferences and/or meetings, in particular the Canadian Undergraduate Mathematics Conference (CUMC), including budgeting and funding; and

  4. Appointing students to administer specific student committee affairs, such as a web master or a newsletter editor.

Represent student interests within the CMS by:

  1. Engaging in an active dialogue with students in all regions of Canada;

  2. Providing advice and guidance to the CMS and the CMS committees on student-related matters;

  3. Promoting student membership in the CMS;

  4. Participating on the CMS Board of Directors and, as required, CMS committees; and

  5. Recommending student nominees for the Student Committee and the CMS Board of Directors and, as required, to committees and other groups.

Report on the CMS USP by:

  1. Preparing committee meeting agendas and minutes;

  2. Preparing an annual CMS USP yearly forecast and budget for submission to the Chair, Finance Committee and the Executive Director of the CMS; and

  3. Preparing a CMS USP annual report for submission to the CMS Executive Director for inclusion in the CMS Annual Report.

Committee Membership

The CMS Student Committee will have no less than six (6) members constituted as follows:

  1. A student Chair (or 2 student co-Chairs with staggered terms);

  2. No fewer than 3 other student or post-doctoral fellow (possibly in transition between studies for a term no longer than 6 months) members;

  3. A Student Director;
  4. A Faculty Advisor;

  5. CUMC President (non-voting, ex-officio); and

  6. Executive Director of the CMS (non-voting, ex-officio).

Student and post-doctoral fellow members of the committee shall represent at least three (3) out of the five (5) regions of Canada (Pacific, West, Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic).

Student and post-doc members of the committee shall be members of the CMS.

All voting members shall normally be appointed for a term of two (2) years; however, a term may be less than two (2) years to facilitate staggered appointments.

Any member may withdraw from the Committee by sending a written resignation to a Student Committee Chair.

If a member is incapable of performing their duties (cannot continue their work for a significant part of the term, have not made any progress on the project(s) assigned, have missed a CMS meeting (see section 4.2) without providing acceptable cause, have missed multiple votes, etc.), the petition regarding their removal will be presented to the CMS Board of Directors, where the decision to rescind, cancel or terminate the appointment will be made. The said petition has to be signed by at least a majority of Studc members, including a Chair, before being presented to the Board. The member in question has to be informed of the petition at least two (2) weeks before the meeting at which the decision will take place and may follow up with a written appeal to be presented to the Board.

Committee Operations

Meetings will be convened at the call of the Chair (or co-Chairs).

The committee should meet in person at every CMS meeting, minimum once per year.

For the purposes of decision-making, quorum is a simple majority of voting members.


These Terms of Reference may be amended by recommendation from the Chair (or co-Chairs) to the Executive Committee, who may then recommend an amendment for approval by the CMS Board of Directors.

Any Student Committee matter that may have legal considerations shall be referred to the Executive Director of the CMS.

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