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Reconciliation in Mathematics Committee

Terms of Reference

The Reconciliation in Mathematics Committee (RMC) is responsible for (i) coordinating the contributions of the mathematical community to the reconciliation process, and for (ii) devising a strategy to eliminate educational and employment gaps in mathematics between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. In consultation with Education Committee, organize or ensure an annual regular session on activities around Truth and Reconciliation and/or Indigenous scholarship in mathematical sciences.

  2. Develop a repository of, and links to activities that have been developed over time on subjects relevant to Truth and Reconciliation in mathematics. This should be coordinated on a web site.

  3. Impart information for Indigenous education, including scholarships, competitions and opportunities.

  4. Find and promote methods to identify and develop a Truth and Reconciliation in mathematics community at all levels (from school to PhD) in Canada.

  5. Develop and promote collaborations with the local and national Indigenous communities in Canada.

  6. Develop a regular conference on Truth and Reconciliation in mathematics in Canada.

  7. Promote regular seminars/conferences/workshops through CMS Conferences/CMS Summer schools and external agencies (eg. PIMS).

  8. Ensure that CMS support is acknowledged in any published or other materials arising from a CMS funded proposal.

  9. Develop plans for funding and promoting a national training program that provides orientation towards the response for mathematics in Canada to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.


In addition to the Chair, the RMC will consist of six other voting members appointed for four-year terms and such that the terms are staggered and at least two (2) ex-officio non-voting members, including a President's delegate and the Chair of the Education Committee. It is important that members of the RMC represent geographic, linguistic and gender issues and also that members of the RMC are familiar with the Society's activities in research, publishing and education in the Indigenous community.

1 Chair + 6 members
  + other members as needed
  + President's delegate (ex-officio)
  + Chair or a member of the Education Committee (ex-officio)
  + other ex-officio members as needed

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