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CMS Organizational Structure

The activities of the Society are supervised by various standing committees. Standing committees report to the Board of Directors through the Executive Committee. Committee reports, recommendations and motions are sent to the CMS Corporate Secretary who ensures they are transmitted to the Executive Committee, for preliminary consideration, prior to transmittal to the Board. The editors of CMS periodical and serial publications, and the editorial boards report to the Chair of the Publications Committee.

As a general policy, the CMS encourages geographic, linguistic and gender distribution in the membership of its committees and boards and in the participation in its officially sponsored activities.

All members of CMS standing committees, editors-in-chief and members of editorial boards shall be members of the CMS in good standing. If deemed appropriate, this principle can be waived or a complimentary membership bestowed. Such a recommendation shall accompany the nomination.

The President, or his/her delegate, is ex-officio a member of all standing committees.

Committee and Editorial Board Nominations

The Nominating Committee is responsible for ensuring that the elections to the Executive and to the Board of Directors are conducted in accordance with the General Operating By-law of the Society. The details of the elections are provided in the Terms of Reference of the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee also monitors when the terms of office of those directors appointed by the Board expire, including the student members, and ensures that nominations are submitted to the Board in sufficient time for consideration by the Executive Committee prior to the appropriate meeting of the Board.

The Nominating Committee, after consultation with the current and/or past chair of a committee, submits recommendations to fill vacancies on all standing committees (except the Nominating Committee itself and the Student Committee) to the Board through the Executive. For those committee members whose term will be completed at the end of the calendar year, committee chairs should submit suggestions for replacements to the Chair of the Nominating Committee by May 1. Suggestions for replacements for the Mathematical Competitions Committee should be submitted to the Chair of the Nominating Committee by December 1 of the previous year. In consultation with the Chair, or Co-Chairs, of the Student Committee, the Nominating Committee is responsible for approving the members appointed to the Student Committee.

Members of the Nominating Committee and the International Affairs Committee are usually appointed for four-year staggered terms and members of the Student Committee are usually appointed for two-year staggered terms. Members of other committees are appointed for three-year staggered terms. Excluding the International Affairs Committee and the Nominating Committee, normally, a person serves for one year on a committee before assuming a two year term as chair. The Chair of the International Affairs Committee is appointed for four years. The Chair of the Nominating Committee is appointed for two years, followed by a further two years as the member representing the appropriate region of Canada. The end-of-term for the chairs and members of the Mathematical Competitions Committee and the three sub-committees is August 31. The end-of-term for the chair and the members of the Student Committee is June 30. For all other committees the end-of-term is December 31.

The Publications Committee recommends to the Executive, for transmission to the Board, nominations for the replacement of editors-in-chief and, where necessary, associate and other editors. Editors-in-Chief and members of editorial boards are usually appointed for five years. Details on the guidelines for editorial searches can be found in the Terms of Reference of the Publications Committee.

The Executive Committee is responsible for proposing candidates to fill vacancies on the Nominating Committee. The procedure for the election of the Chair and members of the Nominating Committee is as follows:

April - A call for nominations is placed in the June & September issues
    of the CMS Notes (Deadline September 30)
October - Executive votes on nominees
November - Executive Committee nominees sent to the Board
December - Board votes on proposed nominees


Some of the abbreviations used in this document are as follows:

  AMS American Mathematical Society
  APMO Asian Pacific Mathematics Olympiad
  CAIMS Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society
  CJMO Canadian Junior Mathematical Olympiad
  CMESG Canadian Mathematics Education Study Group
  CMO Canadian Mathematical Olympiad
  CNC Canadian National Committee
  COMC Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge
  CUMC Canadian Undergraduate Mathematics Conference
  EGC Endowment Grants Committee
  ESC Electronic Services Committee
  ESG Electronic Services Group
  IAC International Affairs Committee
  IFC Invested Funds Committee
  IMO International Mathematical Olympiad
  IMU International Mathematical Union
  MAA Mathematical Association of America
  MCC Mathematical Competitions Committee
  MCG Math Competitions Grants
  MOCP Mathematical Olympiads Correspondence Program
  MOTCP Mathematical Olympiads Training Camps Program
  NRC National Research Council
  NSERC Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council
  SSC Statistical Society of Canada

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