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Fellows Selection Committee

Terms of Reference

The Fellowship recognises CMS members who have made excellent contributions to mathematical research, teaching, or exposition; as well as having distinguished themselves in service to Canada's mathematical community. In exceptional cases, outstanding contributions to one of these areas may be recognized by fellowship. The target number of Fellows is to be determined, and revisited at least once every ten years. The intended size of each year's class of new Fellows should be set with this target in mind. The number of Fellows (excluding Emeriti) shall not exceed 10% of the CMS membership.

  • To recognise mathematicians who have made significant contributions to the profession and to the Canadian mathematical community.
  • To create an honour that will make mathematicians more competitive when being compared to colleagues from other academic disciplines.
  • To support the advancement of mathematicians to leadership positions within their own organisations and the broader society.
  • To increase the relevance and visibility of the CMS.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. In cooperation with the CMS Executive Office, to ensure that calls for nominations appear in the appropriate issues of the CMS Notes (with March 31 as the deadline for applications).
  2. To receive copies of all applications received between February 1 and March 31 each year and to select the recipient(s) to become CMS Fellows by May 15. Any current member of the CMS not on the Selection Committee may make a nomination and self-nominations are not accepted. A CMS member may nominate a maximum of two Fellows in a calendar year.
  3. To communicate the Committee's decision to the President and to the Executive Director. Those members who are chosen by the Selection Committee are invited by the CMS President to become new Fellows of the CMS. Individuals may decline an invitation to become a Fellow, and Fellows may resign at any time.
  4. In consultation with the Executive Office, to arrange for the Fellow certificate to be presented at the CMS Winter meeting. Each recipient is invited to the banquet to receive their recognition. One complimentary banquet ticket will be offered.
  5. To ensure that copies of applications for those nominees not selected a Fellow are maintained at the Executive Office for a further two years.
  6. To ensure that all new Fellows are included in the CMS Notes each year and listed on the CMS website as long as they maintain membership. Upon retirement, a Fellow becomes a "Fellow Emeritus".
  7. To submit an annual report to the Executive Director and to provide the Executive Committee with information related to CMS Fellows.
  8. To make recommendations to the Executive Committee regarding CMS Fellows, the selection process or its terms of reference.

Eligibility of CMS Fellows

To be eligible for nomination to CMS Fellowship, an individual must be a CMS member for the year in which he or she is nominated as well as for the prior year. If not already a Fellow, the CMS President-elect is made a Fellow upon election. Recipients of the following CMS awards shall automatically be invited to become Fellows: the David Borwein Distinguished Career Award and the Graham Wright Award for Distinguished Service. Recipients of the following CMS awards, who have also served the CMS as Vice-president or Chair of a CMS Committee (not including sub-committees) or as editors-in-chief of the CMS Bulletin or Journal, shall automatically be invited to become Fellows: the Adrien Pouliot Award, the Excellence in Teaching Award, the Jeffrey-Williams Prize, the Krieger-Nelson Prize, and the Coxeter-James Prize.


The Selection Committee will consist of five (5) (non-Emeritus) Fellows who are current CMS members. Members shall normally serve three-year terms, which shall be staggered. The CMS President will automatically become an ex officio member of the committee, starting in the January of the last year of their term, and then continuing past the end of the presidency to a full three year term (first year as a regular committee member and second and third years as Chair). The CMS Executive Committee will appoint the new member(s) of the Selection Committee in December of each year.

1 Chair (Past-President) + 3 members
  + President

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