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International Affairs Committee

Terms of Reference

To oversee, in accordance with the policies determined by the Board of Directors, and in accordance with policies outlined in contracts between the CMS and other agencies, the activities associated with international mathematics organizations. To consider other matters of an international nature which are of interest to the Canadian mathematical community.


The International Affairs (IA) Committee is responsible for relations with international organizations and support of the National Research Council's international affiliations relating to mathematics or mathematics education. The membership of the IA Committee shall be such as to ensure geographic, linguistic, gender and discipline distribution. For the International Mathematical Union, the IA Committee acts as the Canadian National Committee (CNC/IMU).

Some of the duties of the IA Committee include; reporting annually to the National Research Council (NRC) and selecting the Canadian official delegates to international meetings (see below).

The mandate of this committee extends beyond the CMS to other organizations with interests in mathematics. The IA Committee must consult with such other groups as may be appropriate.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. To bring to the attention of the Canadian mathematical community the views of international organizations such as the International Mathematical Union (IMU), the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI), and to provide information about the activities of such organizations. To distribute documentation and newsletters as appropriate.

  2. To collect and reconcile the views of the Canadian mathematical community on relevant issues and communicate those views to international organizations.

  3. To identify, to represent, and to promote the capabilities and strengths of the Canadian mathematical community internationally, such as by providing a list of nominations for ICM (International Congress of Mathematicians) speakers to the IMU, and by nominating individuals to the annual Heidelberg Laureate forum.

  4. To select the official Canadian delegates to attend international meetings of the governing bodies of international mathematics organizations, subject to official appointment by the other agencies as appropriate.

    The CMS does not provide reimbursement for the travel and related expenses for the official delegates.

  5. To appoint the five official delegates who will attend the meeting of the General Assembly of the IMU which is held once every four years.

    These delegates will communicate the policies of NRC regarding issues related to finances, constitution, and by-laws and will give careful consideration to the advice and guidance of NRC on other issues.

  6. To provide a written report to the Head of International Affairs at NRC regarding the discussions and decisions of the meeting of the General Assembly of the IMU, demonstrating compliance with guidance given by NRC.

  7. To report to the Board on international affairs of importance to the Canadian mathematical community.
  8. To provide an annual report to the CMS Executive Office for the CMS annual report.


The IA Committee will consist of the Chair and four other appointed members, each for four-year staggered terms, renewable once. The ex-officio members from CAIMS, SSC and CMESG need not be members of the CMS.

1 Chair + 4 members
  + CMS President or delegate (ex-officio)
  + CAIMS President or delegate (ex-officio)
  + SSC President or delegate (ex-officio)
  + CMESG President or delegate (ex-officio)

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