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Fundraising and Membership Committee

Terms of Reference

To oversee, in accordance with the policies determined by the Board of Directors, the fundraising, promotional, and membership activities of the Society, including monitoring activities both within and without the Society and determining opportunities for the coordination of outreach, publicity, fund raising and other promotional activities. In addition, to advise the Board of Directors and the Development Group (consisting of the Executive Committee and the chairs of each standing committee) on matters concerning the Society's activities in these areas.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. To develop and maintain fundraising policies and strategy, including goals, timelines, donor recognition and the image the Society presents to potential donors.

  2. To set directions for the annual membership campaign with particular reference to increasing and broadening membership, including an evaluation of the benefits of membership.

  3. To provide the Executive Secretary and consultants with information on contacts who might be potential supporters.

  4. To provide assistance to the Executive Secretary and consultants in making applications and presentations to potential donors, provincial and federal governments, granting agencies and foundations.

  5. To advise the Board regarding the promotion of Mathematics, including liaison with other groups that promote Mathematics, including other societies and institutes.

  6. To report to the Board and where appropriate, to the Finance Committee, on matters relating to the Society's fundraising initiatives.


1 Chair + 3 members
  + Treasurer (ex-officio)
  + Executive Secretary (ex-officio)
  + President (ex-officio)
  + Immediate Past-President or President-Elect (ex-officio)

The Fundraising and Membership committee may appoint up to two consultants, with voting rights, in addition to the mandated membership. The consultants are appointed for two-year terms and need not be members of the CMS.

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