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Scientific Editorial Board - CJM and CMB

Terms of Reference

To ensure that the Canadian Journal of Mathematics and the Canadian Mathematical Bulletin are published in accordance with the policies determined by the Board of Directors.


The Scientific Editorial Board for the Canadian Journal of Mathematics and the Canadian Mathematical Bulletin consists of the Editors-in-Chief of each journal and associate editors who serve for both journals. The terms of the Editors-in-Chief shall be five years. The terms of the associate editors shall also be five years and staggered. All editors are appointed by, and accountable to, the Board of Directors of the Society. It is the responsibility of the Publications Committee to recommend to the Executive, for transmission to the Board, the appointment of all editors. The procedures for the appointment of editors-in-chief and associate editors are given in the ``Guidelines for Editorial Searches" in the Terms of Reference of the Publications Committee. The names and affiliations of the Editors-in-Chief and the associate editors shall appear in each issue of the Journal and the Bulletin.

The purpose of the associate editors is to help attract first-rate papers, to provide the Editors-in-Chief of the CJM or the CMB with advice concerning the quality of manuscripts and suitable choices of referees, and to provide such other advice as may be requested from time to time. The Editors-in-Chief are encouraged to consult with the associate editors during the review of a manuscript. The Editors-in-Chief of the CJM or the CMB are responsible for the acceptance or rejection of submitted papers and their decision in such matters is final.

Concerning matters not directly related to the scientific merit of submitted papers (length of papers, Canadian content, copyright, page charges, subject areas to be emphasized or de-emphasized, etc.), the policy of each journal is set by the Board of Directors, normally through recommendations from the Publications Committee, from the Editors-in-Chief, or from the Scientific Editorial Board. Editors-in-Chief can veto proposals of the Board by giving written notice to the Board through the President of the Society. Such a proposal, concerning matters of policy, if passed a second time by the Board within one year of the veto, becomes official policy and is not subject to further veto by the Editors-in-Chief.

The non-scientific contents of the journals are solely the responsibility of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Mathematical Society. The Executive Director is responsible for overseeing the financial operations of the two journals and, in consultation with the editors, assists in the non-scientific and production aspects of both journals.

Whenever legal advice is required, the Editors-in-Chief shall contact the President or the Executive Director.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Manuscripts may be submitted either to the Editors-in-Chief or to an associate editor. The recipient of a manuscript is responsible for acknowledging its receipt.

  2. The modus operandi of each associate editor shall be established by mutual agreement between that editor and the Editors-in-Chief of the two journals, with a view towards achieving the same working arrangement with each journal. Normally, there are two courses of action open to an associate editor who receives a manuscript:

    1. The associate editor handles the paper.

      In this case, it is imperative that a copy of the manuscript and the date of its receipt be sent immediately to an editor-in-chief of the appropriate journal:

      The associate editor shall indicate her/his intent to commence the refereeing process and eventually shall transfer to the Editors-in-Chief the entire file concerning the paper, together with a referee's report and advice as to how to deal with the paper.

    2. The Editors-in-Chief process the manuscript.

      In this case, the associate editor shall transfer the manuscript promptly to an Editor-in-Chief of the appropriate journal together with a recommendation of a suitable referee or advice to reject. If the advice is to reject, the associate editor shall provide, for the author's benefit, some statement giving the grounds for rejection.

  3. Associate editors and editors-in-chief shall strive to process manuscripts quickly. When an associate editor intends to be on leave, he/she must so inform the Editors-in-Chief and take reasonable measures to ensure that manuscripts submitted in his/her absence are transferred to the Editors-in-Chief as soon as possible. When an editor-in-chief intends to be on leave, she/he must notify the CMS Executive Director of the arrangements that have been made.

  4. Editorial decisions or recommendations that will have financial or administrative implications on either journal must be discussed with the Executive Director and the Chair of the Publications Committee.

  5. Editors-in-Chief are expected to ensure that their editorial offices operate within the budget approved by the Board of Directors. Budget proposals for the next financial year are to be submitted to the Executive Director by August 15. Budget projections must also include estimates for the number of pages per issue for the next three volume years.

  6. Editors-in-Chief of the CJM and the CMB must provide an annual report, detailing the status of operations and including such statistics as acceptance rates, the number of papers published in the previous volume year as well as backlog and other relevant information. A draft report is to be sent to the Chair of the Publications Committee and to the Executive Director no later than December 1, and in final form by January 31.

  7. Any recommendation for changes in editorial policy is to be submitted to the Publications Committee which, after appropriate consultation, will submit a proposal to the Board of Directors, if appropriate.

  8. The Scientific Editorial Board shall meet virtually or in person from time to time to discuss editorial policy for the two journals and related matters.


The Scientific Editorial Board consists of:

    the 2 Editors-in-Chief of the Canadian Journal of Mathematics
  + the 2 Editors-in-Chief of the Canadian Mathematical Bulletin
  + Associate editors.

(The number of associate editors, shall be such as to represent a reasonable cross-section of current mathematical research).

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