The Mathematical Olympiads Correspondence (Olymon) Program was retired in June 2010. Please see the announcement here. The CMS will continue to make past problems and solutions available for students who are interested in problem solving or training for math competitions. The CMS is deeply grateful to Ed Barbeau for his long-standing commitment to the program.

About the Mathematical Olympiads Correspondence Program

Students who are interested in problem solving or competing in mathematics competitions can search out the International Mathematical Talent Search and the Mathematical Olympiads Correspondence Program (Olymon) on this site. Written solutions to the International Mathematical Talent Search may be submitted to Prof. E.J. Barbeau, Department of Mathematics, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON at any time. Solutions to the Olymon problems should be submitted no later than the deadline to the marker whose name appears at the head of the problem set. Solutions to these problems will be marked and returned. Note that it is not necessary to submit solutions to all the problems. You can submit partial solutions if you want to get some feedback to your efforts.

Solutions to past correspondence problems and to previous Olymon sets are available on this website. Students may also get practice in problem solving by subscribing to Crux Mathematicorum with Mayhem; this magazine has several departments featuring problems of varying levels of difficulty, and publishes the examination papers from various contests in Canada and around the world.

Students who have ambitions to be on the Canadian national team in the International Mathematical Olympiad should try to be regular contributors in the correspondence program, beginning if possible no later than the summer sets. This may allow them to be recognized and invited to participate in limited enrolment competitions and training camps.

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