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50th International Mathematical Olympiad
Bremen, Germany — July 10 - 22, 2009

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How did Canada do?

  • Canada was ranked 18th out of 104 participating countries.
  • The team total was 158 out of a possible 252 points.

Team Members

XiaoLin (Danny) Shi's photo XiaoLin (Danny) Shi
Sir Winston Churchill High School
Calgary, AB
Danny's record at the IMO
Yu (Robin) Cheng's photo Yu (Robin) Cheng
Pinetree Secondary School
Coquitlam, BC
Silver Medalist
Robin's record at the IMO
Hunter Spink's photo Hunter Spink
Western Canada High School
Calgary, AB
Silver Medalist
Hunter's record at the IMO
Chen Sun's photo Chen Sun
A.B. Lucas Secondary School
London, ON
Silver Medalist
Chen's record at the IMO
Jonathan Schneider's photo Jonathan Schneider
University of Toronto Schools
Toronto, ON
Bronze Medalist
Jonathan's record at the IMO
Chengyue (Jarno) Sun's photo Chengyue (Jarno) Sun
Western Canada High School
Calgary, AB
Bronze Medalist
Jarno's record at the IMO

Team Leaders

Dorette Pronk, Leader Dalhousie University
David Arthur, Deputy Leader Stanford University
Jacob Tsimerman, Deputy Leader Observer Princeton University

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