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29th International Mathematical Olympiad
Canberra, Australia — July 9 - 21, 1988

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How did Canada do?

  • Canada was ranked 10th out of 49 participating countries.
  • The team total was 124 out of a possible 252 points.

Team Members

No photo Ravi Vakil
Martingrove Collegiate Institute
Etobicoke, ON
Ravi's record at the IMO
No photo Patrick Surry
A.B. Lucas Secondary School
London, ON
Silver Medalist
No photo David McKinnon
St. George's High School
Vancouver, BC
Bronze Medalist
No photo Colin Springer
Waterloo Collegiate Institute
Waterloo, ON
Bronze Medalist
No photo Gurraj Sangha
Hon. W.C. Kennedy Collegiate Institute
Windsor, ON
Honourable Mention
No photo Phillip Jong
Earl Haig Collegiate Institute
North York, ON

Team Leaders

Bruce Shawyer, Leader Memorial University of Newfoundland
Ronald Scoins, Deputy Leader University of Waterloo
Richard Nowakowski, Leader Observer Dalhousie University

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