From: IMU Secretary <>
Subject: [IMU AO CL 19/2018] International Day of Mathematics logo competition
Date: 5 October 2018 08:24:13 UTC−4

To: The Adhering Organizations of the International Mathematical Union (IMU)

Dear colleagues

The IMU is leading the project to declare an International Day of Mathematics (IDM). From your responses to the AO CL 5/2017
the IMU decided to move forward to create an annual International Day of Mathematics and to select March 14 ("Pi Day") as the date for the IDM.

UNESCO is the authority to proclaim the International Day of Mathematics. If UNESCO decides to proclaim the IDM, the first celebration of IDM is expected to be on March 14 in 2020.

For more information see also the IMU webpage

Now the IMU is inviting bids for the logo of the IDM.

Ideally, the logo must be available in different formats for use on the web and for printing on posters. An editable version of the logo will be needed for use in high quality work. If this is not feasible, the IMU is entitled to engage a professional graphic designer for this purpose.

Logos together with artist information (full name, date of birth, career or profession, personal webpage if any, and email) must be sent by email at Only electronic bids are eligible. An email confirming receipt of submissions will be sent. In case of not receiving a confirmation within 48 hours, please resend the work.

Submissions may include more than one logo. Submissions must include the artist’s statement that, if the logo is chosen by the IMU, the creator of the logo will assign all rights to the logo to the IMU. This includes the permission to make slight modifications. The IMU assures that the name of the winning artist will appear on the IDM website. The competition does not give a monetary award and is open to all individuals worldwide. For submissions not chosen, the rights are retained by the artist.

The deadline for submission of logos to the competition is 31 December 2018. IMU’s decision is expected by April 2019.

The jury for selection of the IDM logo will be nominated by the Executive Committee of the IMU and its decision will be final.

In a separate call, see AO CL 20/2018, organizations are invited to make bids to host the IDM website. Please feel free to circulate this call among potential bidders.

Helge Holden

Prof. Helge Holden
Secretary General of the International Mathematical Union

Société mathématique du Canada
616 Cooper St. 
Ottawa (ON)  K1R 5J2, Canada
Téléphone : +1 (613) 733-2662

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